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Wolf Farts and Raven Shit: A Few Underused Mushrooms of the Northeast Seems like everyone these days (including me) is using reishi, maitake, Chaga and Cordyceps. What about puffballs and corn smut?

ArborVitae Open House Sunday 7/13 Those seeking a life path in herbalism should check out ArborVitae’s program in NYC, with an open house this Sunday.

Life, Death, Sex, and Mutant Flowers I have a mutant in my garden. It is a flower of the common foxglove, Digitalis purpurea. Digitalis is a perfect example of how even those who dismiss herbal medicine rely on it on a regular basis, even if they do so ignorantly.

The Moccasin Flower’s Challenge to Our Ego Many people do not realize that wild orchids grow in North America. Not only are our native orchids among our most beautiful wildflowers, they offer profound lessons for us about who we are as a species and as individuals.



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