My Approach to Health and Healing

Modern life too often disassociates us from our innate identity and relationship with our greater ecosystem, biome, and planet.  Herbal medicine when practiced deeply and mindfully goes beyond a simplistic replacement of conventional medicine with "natural" remedies, but moves us sometimes subtly and sometimes profoundly toward a recovery of our biological identities.  

The human body has the innate power to heal itself.  Without this power to self heal, even the most advanced medications and surgical procedures would ultimately fail.  The role of the herbalist in the healing process is to consider the client as a whole person, and to consult her/him/them concerning changes in lifestyle, diet, herbs, and supplementation in order to foster an increased state of balance and health - thus maximizing the body’s self healing capabilities.  

Herbal medicine is not only the people's medicine, it is the planet's medicine.  While we celebrate the increasing popularity of using herbs, we need to ensure herbal traditions remain true to our roots and accessible to all.

You can read more about Richard's thoughts on herbalism here.

“I have long considered vegetable medicine all that is needed for the ills of the human family.”
— James Still (1812-1885), "Black Doctor of the Pines"